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Welcome Developers

You've arrived at the DirectScale Developer Site! Here, you'll find many resources that will help you customize your Platform.

Back End Developers

Before you start, you may need to gain access to:

After you're all set up and your code is ready to go, check out how to deploy.

Much of the communication between your code and the Platform occurs with Hooks. You also have the Abstraction Layer, a public NuGet package that exposes many methods for you to use.

Front End Developers

You may find the Front End Development section helpful for creating custom content. This includes:

You'll most likely want to get access to the Public API, as well.

Compensation Plan Developers

Compensation plans are complex. Whether you are new to the Direct Sales industry or creating compensation plans in XML, we're here to help. Check out the Commission Resources section that includes:

If you need an overview of how commissions work in the Admins, you can view the following guides in the Help Center:

Other Resources

There are even more resources available that you may find useful:

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Welcome Developers

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