How the C# Client Library Works

The C# Client Library supports Calling the Extension API, Securing Client Web Application APIs and Deploying Client Web Applications. To do this, the library gets configuration information and secret values from the ITokenProvider Interface.


The library uses the EnvironmentTokenProvider Class if a class is not registered to the ITokenProvider interface in the Startup.cs file using Service Registration Methods.

This class implements the ITokenProvider Interface by reading from environment variables.
These environment variables are:

  • DirectScaleServiceUrl | The base URL to use for calling the Directscale Extension API
  • DirectScaleToken | The API key the library will use to call Directscale Extension API
  • ExtensionToken | The API key the library will use to Authorize requests
  • ExtensionToken2 | Any environment variable that starts with "ExtensionToken" will also be used to Authorize requests