About Client Extensibility

The Directscale platform offers SaaS products to enable clients to run, know and grow their company. Directscale products are built to be extensible so that clients can customize products to fit their specific needs. Below is a comprehensive list of how Directscale products can be customized by clients.

Corporate Admin

Custom Pages

A client can add links throughout the navigation and other parts of the site to display any web page from inside the application. Learn more by reading About External Pages

Directscale Platform

Payment Providers


If the Directscale platform does not support a client's preferred payment solution vendor then they can build an integration to support it. Learn more by reading About Merchants

All Products**

Process Hooks

A client can alter the functionality of Directscale products by using hooks. Learn more by reading About Process Hooks


A client can add functionality to Directscale products when a given event occurs. Learn more by reading About Events & Webhooks

** Directscale products are extensible to enable client customizations. Some products may only be extensible through product configurations and not by client code.