Client Default KPI: PVAccumulator and GroupVolumeTree

Every DirectScale client has default KPIs. <PVAccumulator> and <GroupVolumeTree> have to be set in your compensation plan, or you'll get errors.


For <PVAccumulator>, you're going to call the main Personal Volume Accumulator.

For example:

    <VA_Personal Name="QS" AssociateBaseTypes="">
            <DefVolType VolumeGroup="QV"/>

Then set <PVAccumulator Volume="QS" />


Set <GroupVolumeTree> to your main Group Volume, which is the <TreeVolume> name. For example, if you had a defined like so:

    <TreeVolume Volume="PS" Tree="Enrollment" Name="TS" />

Then, set <GroupVolumeTree TreeVolume="TS">

Typically, these elements go after the <Pools> and before the <Rules>.

    <ComPeriod> . . . </ComPeriod>
    <VolumeRanges> . . . </VolumeRanges>
    <Volumes> . . . </Volumes>
    <TreeVolumes> . . . </TreeVolumes>
    <Pools> . . . </Pools>

    <PVAccumulator Volume="PS" />
    <GroupVolumeTree TreeVolume="TS" />

    <Rules> </Rules>