Removing the You Live in California Checkbox from Market Selector

Admin: eCommerce Admin
Page: Advanced Customization > Javascript Insertion
URL: {client_ID}

The Market Selector in the eCommerce Shop features a You Live in California checkbox.

If you would like to remove this checkbox, you can add a JavaScript Insertion.

Adding an Insertion

  1. In the JavaScript Insertions page, click + ADD INSERTION.
  2. Select Custom Script from the Insertion Type menu.
  3. Enter a sort Name.
  4. In the JavaScript Code Editor, paste the following code:
try {
	var removeLiveInCaliforniaCheckbox = function () {
		angular.element(document).injector().invoke(['$state', 'userService','$rootScope', function ($state, userService,$scope) {
		$scope.removeLiveInCalifornia = true;
  setTimeout(function () {
	 }, 100);
   angular.element(document).scope().$on('$stateChangeSuccess', function (event, toState, toParams, fromState) {
			setTimeout(function () {
			}, 100);
} catch (e) {
	console.log('e', e);


The RemoveCaliforniaDropdown and Remove LiveInCalifornia toggles, found in Company Settings > Settings, do not work.