External App to Web Office (Customer ID)

This method returns a qualified URL that correlates to an Associate's Associate ID ({customerid}). It allows an external application to redirect the browser to Web Office. Using this URL will log in an Associate automatically into their Web Office account.


Important: The token is valid for ONE MINUTE.

Endpoint: Get SSO URL for Customer

Request URL: https://dsapi.directscale.com/v1/sso/{customerId}[?dest][&args]


The {customerId} parameter generates when you create an Associate in the system. You can find the Associate's Customer ID on the Associate's Detail page (referred to as DirectScale ID here), or by using the GET Customers endpoint.


You can pass an optional destination parameter [&dest=] on this call. This allows the SSO URL to send the user to a specific page/view on the Web Office. This is not a file path; it's a named destination configured by DirectScale. A DirectScale developer can add a new destination if needed.

Web Office destinations include:

  • Business > Team Dashboard: teamdashboard
  • Settings > Account: profilesettingAccount
  • Settings > Marketing Site: profilesettingMarketingsite
  • Settings > Communication: profilesettingCommunication
  • Settings > Billing: profilesettingBilling


Note: The destinations listed above are case-sensitive.


You can [&args=] on this call as well. This passes data about the SSO URL destination to the landing page/view. Because these arguments live in a GET, you’ll need to URL encode them. A DirectScale developer can add this parameter if you want to use it.

Process

An Associate clicks the SSO link in the external application. This initiates a request to log in to Web Office. The link request redirects to the external application’s web server. The external app’s server calls DirectScale’s Public API to get a URL for the Associate to follow. The external application server returns the URL from DirectScale's API. The Associate follows the link in their browser, logging them into the Web Office.