About Events & Webhooks


Webhooks allow integrations to be built by subscribing webhooks to certain events. When one of those events is triggered an HTTP POST payload will be sent to the webhook's URL.


HTTP POST calls will timeout and be resent again if the endpoint does not return a 200 OK status within 60 seconds.


You can use the Corporate Admin UI, Extension API or the Public API to configure which events will send payloads to a webhook.


Using the C# Client Library?

Event & Webhook configurations can be updated with the Registration Service that calls the RegistrationService Extension API.

Each event always sends a few certain pieces of information along with data that is relevant to the event. For example, if you subscribe to the "CreateOrderEvent" you'll receive order detail payloads every time an order is created. Learn more about what to expect in payloads by reading How Events & Webhooks Work or view the complete list of Webhook Events & Payloads.

### Use Cases

Common use cases for webhooks are:

  • Sending notifications
  • Setting a distributors commission merchant on enrollment based on location