Link to eCommerce Shop Pages

When linking to internal pages, you'll want to make sure to include an associate's webalias in the URL to keep everything under their shop context; however, because a webalias is dynamic, you'll have to write your URLs in a specific way. Dynamically pulling in an associate's {webalias} into Custom Content Editor is supported through invoking the User Data model via Razor syntax.

So, if you want to include the following URL in your custom page:


You would structure your <a> element like this:

<a href="{client_ID}">Linked Text</a>

You can reference the webalias with the @User.AssociateWebAlias expression.

An exception to the preceding method is on the Site Navigation page. When entering your URL in the Add Link modal, you use {webalias} to represent the webalias; like so, /{webalias}/Application.

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For more information on the Site Navigation page, see: Adding eCommerce Shop Navigation Links