Template Name

The template's name is defined in the <ComPeriod> which has general information about the template, such as the Name and <VolumeRange> (date range) included for each period.

The Name here must match the name of the file in the Template Selector and must be the last attribute defined in <ComPeriod>.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
  <ComPeriod TrackRealtimeRankAdvancements="False" EnrollTree="Enrollment" RoundPrecision="3" Usage="CommissionRun, StateStats, RealtimeStats" Name="MonthlyUI">



Typically, the template name is the same as the period it represents (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, etc.).

It's also important, when working with the XML Compensation Plan Editor, that every template name must have a revision and <ComPeriod Name=""> with the same name to function properly. Template Names and Template Revisions are case sensitive and can be no longer than 50 characters.

Template Name in XML EditorTemplate Name in XML Editor