Video: Volume Accumulator Types

Welcome! Join us as we learn how the different Volume Accumulator Types function within a Compensation Plan Template.

Volume Accumulator Types (Volume Buckets)

  • Personal - Only the person that purchased the product (skip to [1:39]).
  • Retail - The Associates Customers Volume. There is a setting to pick what associate’s types are considered customers (skip to [2:32]).
  • Personal Retail - Takes customs volume and copies it to the associate that enrolled them. The customer will also keep the volume. This can cause duplicate volume (skip to [3:15]).
  • Retail Roll-up - Takes customer Volume and moves it to the associate the enrolled them. The customer will never have volume for this bucket (skip to [3:50]).
  • Union - Adds two volumes together (skip to [4:20]).
  • Except - Removes one volume from another (skip to [4:37]).
  • Split - Cuts a volume based on Total Amount of the bucket (skip to [9:20]).

Volume Accumulator Commission Examples

  • “All purchases made by a customer is contributed to their sponsor” (skip to [5:51]).
  • “Customers are level 0 to their Enroller” (skip to [6:29]).
  • “Preferred Customers are place on level 1 of their Enroller” (skip to [8:28]).
  • “Orders placed personally and by their personally enrolled retail customers” (skip to [8:48]).
  • “Only 100 Volume can from personal Purchases” (skip to [9:20])
  • “Customer Active: Retail Associates need 50 Personal Volume to be Active” (skip to [7:28]).

For examples of Volume Accumulators in a Compensation Plan template, skip to [11:01].