Data Points

A data point is specific data relating to Associates, such as SignUpDate or Rank. The system also supports limited data points that affect many Associates but are not Associate-based, such as Today or Now.


The data point provider creates all data points.

Data Point Types

All data points fall within one of these types:

  • Singular (default) – Represents a one-to-one relationship with the Associate.
    • Examples include: QV or DisplayFirstName.
  • Aggregate – Represents a many-to-one relationship with the Associate.
    • Examples of this type include: MaxServiceExpirationDate and HasPayedAnyOrder.
  • System – Represents a one-to-many relationship. Unlike the other two types, this type pertains to many Associates.
    • Examples include: Today or Now.

Data Point Classes

The system (Corporate Admin, Data Point Service, and IfThengine V1) uses a data point class. There are three types of data point classes:

  • Data Point ID – The unique identifier for a given data point.
    • For example, Associate.DisplayFirstName.
  • Data point – Contains a specified Data Point ID and contains the who or the what variable.
    • For example, Associate.DisplayFirstName, AssociateID: 2.
  • Data point value – Contains information provided in the data point class and the value of the given data point (class).
    • For example, Associate.DisplayFirstName, AssociateID: Sam, 2.