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Public API Site Authorization

The API Documentation site is where you can test API calls. Each endpoint documents how DirectScale's APIs function and the requirements to use them.

Accessing the Site

  1. Navigate to the API Documentation Site.

As a guest, you can see the API documentation by clicking the API tab. We've organized the endpoints under different services categories used within the Platform.



Depending on your setup or compensation plan, you're able to request access to more APIs.

Requesting Authorization

You need to request access to your company-specific endpoints and testing features:

  1. Email [email protected].

    You can also navigate to the Help Center page or Admin sites and click the Help button.

    Help ButtonHelp Button

Partner or third-party developers must have their company request on their behalf.

For safety and efficiency, Customer Care needs specific information.:

  • The first and last name of the person receiving access.

  • The email address of the person receiving access.

  • A basic message to begin your request.

  • Your company’s client ID.

  • Which environment to give access to Live, Stage (if available), or both.

  • Partners or third-party developers must provide proof that the company authorizes access. This is best done through email. Screenshots of company approval will do but must show it came from the company.

    This is to maintain security compliance.

Public API Users

Corporate Office keeps track of your public API authorized users.

Navigate to Administration > Public Api Users.


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Public API Site Authorization

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