Solution: Pick a Pack

This custom element allows an Associate to choose the items included in a product pack.

Configuring a Custom Pick a Pack Element

The main pack and all sub-items will be SKUs in the system with prices and volumes. The price for the packs is determined using the parent pack item. When the order is submitted, the Web Office or eCommerce Shop will pass all sub-items into Field1 of the ORD_CustomFields table.

Navigation Adjustments

When an Associate adds a parent pack item to the cart, you'll need to redirect the Associate to a new custom page or pop-up.

This custom page needs to call a custom API, which you create in the back-end. Once you create and call your custom API, the results will then display, allowing the Associate to add and remove QTY from all the different sub-items returned.

This configuration needs to ensure the Associate can't add more items than the pack allows and keeps track of the sub-items and QTY selected.

Once this process is complete, the custom page/pop-up needs to redirect to the Check Out cart or Continue Shopping page.

Submitting Sub-Items in Custom Fields

When the Associate is finished shopping and submits the order, the saved sub-items and their QTYs need to be submitted in Custom Field1.

These need to be set up with an ItemID and Qty separated per sub-item with a comma.



This field will contain all the sub-items the Associate selected with the QTY.

Back-End Custom Configurations

  1. Create a table to connect the parent pack item with its sub-items.
  2. Give the table a name.
  3. Add the following strings to its fields: ParentItemID, SubItemID, and PointVolume.

Then create a Custom API that takes the ParentItemID and returns the sub-items with a point value. This should return the full InventoryItem amount for each sub-item.

In the FinalizeAcceptedOrder Hook, add the sub-items to OrderDetail at zero cost and volume. This will need to be done before the FinalizeAcceptedOrder Hook's standard functionality and will also need to commit the sub-items for stock levels.

The Order Custom Field1 will show a list of sub-items and Qty separated by a comma; this will be taken and added to the ORD_OrderDetail table with zero price and zero volume.

Safety Check on Submit Order Hook

Create an extra check to ensure someone can't cheat the system and submit additional items in the custom Field1. Also, make sure the points on each sub-item are not over the maximum count.

Congratulations! You configured Pick a Pack!

After these configurations are complete, the element should function and complete these points:

  • Associates can place orders with packs and other items at the same time.
  • Ensures that the price/volumes will be correct.
  • The 3PL receives accurate information to ship the sub-items.
  • Associates can see their receipt and see all sub-items included in the order.