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Once you've created your custom code and committed it to GitHub, you can now build and deploy.

Enabling the Page

The Deployment page is not accessible by default. You must enable it in the Corporate Office Advanced Settings.


Enable the ViewAdvancedSettings() permission to access the Advanced Settings section. Learn more about Employee Permissions and Roles.

To enable:

  1. In Corporate Office, navigate to: Administration > Advanced Settings > Release Toggles.


    Release Toggles pageRelease Toggles page

  2. Locate the Platform section.

  3. Select Use Separate Domain.

    Platform sectionPlatform section

  4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


Only enable the Deployment page when you have Extension code ready to commit or errors may occur.

Finding the Page

In Corporate Office, navigate to Administration > Deployment.


In Unified Admin, in the CorpAdmin module, navigate to: Developer > Deployment.




Attempting to deploy any code with errors can break vital functionality. Always first deploy to your Stage environment, if available.

  1. In the Deployment page, you may see all your previous builds from GitHub.

    Deployment pageDeployment page

    Click Queue New Build, to add a new build artifact.

    Queue New Build buttonQueue New Build button

    This queues the build across all environments (Stage/Live).

  2. Click Deploy.

    Deploy buttonDeploy button

    The build only deploys to the current environment. Log into each environment and deploy manually.

    This queues the pipeline, and your new version is ready to use.

The current deployed version displays at the top right of the page:

Build versionBuild version

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